Thorium Power Canada Inc.


David Kerr, Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors

David KerrDavid is an accomplished executive, manager and corporate leader with over 30 years of experience in the power generation and infrastructure industries. As a founder of one of the largest Canadian renewable power companies, David successfully grew the publicly traded company from an $80 million IPO in 1997 to over $ 1 billion in assets. As an early participant in the independent power producers industry, David has been very active in the development of green-field power and infrastructure projects throughout North America and internationally. In his career, David has successfully built strong relationships within the independent power sector, capital markets, public utilities, government agencies and community stakeholders. David is a natural leader and has a strong stakeholder focus while effectively managing company and shareholder needs.

J. David Murphy, Partner and Chief Legal Counsel, Board of Directors

J. David MurphyDavid is an experienced senior counsel and has been practicing law for over 20 years. Beginning as an associate with the law firm Lee Fireman Regan followed by Paul Lee & Associates, he became a founding partner of the law firm Blakeney Henneberry Murphy & Galligan in 2001. His practice focuses on civil and commercial litigation. He has appeared at all court levels in the Province of Ontario. He has represented clients at trial, on appeal, at mediations, arbitrations and regulatory hearings. He is a seasoned negotiator and litigator and has particular experience in representing insurance companies and large corporations with a wide variety of property and casualty losses, as well as acting for various corporations in matters of general counsel and securities work. He has practiced in the area of insurance defence litigation throughout the Province of Ontario and across Canada. David graduated from Dalhousie Law School in 1987 and was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1989. He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto Lawyers Association, Defence Research Institute and Loyal Order of the Blue Goose.

Christopher Ball, Chairman, Board of Directors

Christopher J. BallChris brings over 35 years of domestic and international finance experience in his principal occupation as Executive Vice President of Corpfinance International Limited (CFI) and President of CFI Capital Inc. Due to the diversity of his professional experience and his commitment to infrastructure initiatives, Chris has become an expert in infrastructure and power projects. In addition to his work in the increasingly important energy sector, Chris is responsible for managing a structured loan portfolio, where he is directly responsible for originating debt financing and advising on over 100 energy projects. In his carreer, Chris has been instrumental in the initial funding of many of Canada’s leading hydroelectric development companies and now oversees a $2 billon debt portfolio on behalf of large institutional investors. Prior to joining CFI, Chris was a Vice President responsible for establishing the cross-Canada presence of Standard Chartered Bank and also held various managerial positions within the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Chris is a Past Director of the Clean Energy BC; he is also a recognized speaker within the Hydro Electric Industry, and an Independent Director of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.

Paul Hardy, Senior Vice President, Board of Directors

Paul HardyMr. Hardy joins TPC as Senior Vice-President of business development and strategy. Prior to joining TPC Paul was a Managing Director, Head of Equity Trading at a large Canadian Bank. Paul brings 20 years of knowledge in the international financial markets. For 8 years Paul was part of the Management Committee, which focused on growth and strategy.


Hector A. D’Auvergne, Chief Scientist

Hector A. D’AuvergneHector D’Auvergne was born in Chile and immigrated to California in 1960.  He has obtained certification as an electronic technician and he studied electrical engineering at UC Berkley. In 1965 he founded DBI and began research and development in thorium nuclear technology.  For the past 40 years Hector D’Auvergne has continued to pursue and develop thorium reactor technology and has developed numerous patents and trade processes. Hector has devoted his life work to thorium research, design and manufacturing.  In a recent book on thorium  – “Super Fuel” the author, Richard Martin, acknowledges Hector as a true pioneer and leading expert in thorium technology, research and design.  Over the years, Hector has conducted his research with strategic support from numerous experts and institutions including Research Institute for Sciences of Berkley, University of Denver, Colorado School of Mines and Oakridge National Laboratories.  Hector has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing complex hardware including projects with Hiller Industries for a technology for cleaning the Florida inland waterways which was operated by the Army Corps of Engineers.  He also developed, in collaboration with the Research Institute for Sciences of Berkeley, a hydrogen propulsion program for the analytical aspects of horizontal launching of space payloads for NASA. He developed a hydrogen-powered turbine automobile for Ford Motor Company.   Hector has assembled a complete team of expert personnel ready and able to construct the world’s first modular thorium reactor.

Dr. Sterling Bailey, Nuclear Physicist

Dr. Sterling BaileyDr. Bailey is a leading expert in nuclear design and technology development.  He has vast experience in fuel cycle design and analysis, hardware fabrication and testing, hardware production and state of the art engineering analysis.  Dr. Bailey has been performing reactor physics analysis of nuclear power plants for more than 45 years, mainly at General Electric Nuclear Energy and more recently as a consultant.  Dr. Bailey has worked as a consultant for the US Department of Energy and NASA on projects to develop small nuclear power systems for space applications.

Craig Seller, Chief Nuclear Engineer

Craig SellersCraig is an accomplished executive, with over 33 years of extensive experience in the nuclear generation industry, including management, engineering and operations. In a role as Chief Nuclear Engineer at Ontario Power Generation, Craig led a staff of 700 and managed budgets exceeding $275 million dollars while ensuring the highest standards of safety and performance in engineering were achieved. As a long-time participant in the nuclear generation field and graduate of the Senior Nuclear Plant Manager Program, Craig has been very active in the technical, design, and operations of large-scale nuclear projects and has played an instrumental role in the environmental assessment process and quality assurance governance for new build projects. He is a chemical engineer and holds a Professional Engineering designation through his Bachelor of Applied Science degree awarded by the University of Toronto.

Leonard Ginsburg, President and Chief Engineer of Production Robotics Incorporated

Leonard GinsburgLeonard Ginsburg is a Registered Professional Engineer, California License #M21310. Mr. Ginsburg’s expertise is in mechanical engineering, automation systems, project management and manufacturing. He and his company will support the reactor development and construction by developing mechanical devices, robotic equipment and controls, doing stress, heat transfer and thermodynamic analyses, and manufacturing power plant components, and will assist in project management and vendor coordination. Production Robotics has operated continuously since 1992, and incorporated as Production Robotics Inc. in 1998. The company currently employs 18 full-time people, and occupies 16,500 square feet of office and manufacturing space in San Leandro, California.

Dr. Amerigo J. Biollo, Vice President, Business Development

Dr. Amerigo J. BiolloAmerigo has been with DBI reactors since 1990, and in 2008 was appointed Vice President of Business development, with direct involvement and responsibility in the day to day operations of DBI reactors, helping the company move thorium technology to the commercial stage. Prior to his work with DBI reactors, he was employed with Boeing in the aircraft manufacturing division, working as a manager for Boeing in Europe and Asia. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Gonzaga University in Washington and a Doctorate Degree at Palmer College.

Gary S. Paterson, Nuclear Engineer

Gary (4)Gary is a nuclear engineer with over 30 years’ experience as a manager and director at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited and Ontario Power Generation.  Gary is a proven manager of complex nuclear projects.   At Ontario Power Generation, Gary was responsible for the management of over 50 engineers.  He has a reputation for completing projects on schedule and on budget.  He was the manager and director of supply chain nuclear refurbishment at the Darlington Nuclear Plant.  He managed the commissioning of a new build project at Darlington.  He managed the execution and commissioning of hundreds of modifications at the Pickering Power Plant.  He has worked as a manager of Procurement Engineering, Components and Equipment.  He has managed numerous complex nuclear engineering projects in Canada and the USA throughout his career.  Gary holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Western Ontario and has completed the Senior Nuclear Plant Management Training Program and the Advanced Operations Overview for Managers.

Rick Da Silva, Nuclear Safety Specialist

Rick DaSilvaRick has worked as a senior scientist and nuclear safety analyst at Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) and at Ontario Hydro Central Nuclear Services. Rick has held research positions at both the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories (CRNL) and the CEGB’s Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories in England studying fission product release behaviours from failed nuclear fuel rods.  More recently, Rick acted as program delivery manager for AMEC-NSS on the joint OPG/Bruce Power “Safe Operating Envelope” initiative aimed at ensuring all nuclear reactors operating in Ontario meet or exceed their licensing compliance requirements for safe operations.  Rick has an extensive background in information technology and software engineering being responsible for designing and implementing Ontario Hydro’s corporate nuclear fuel lifecycle management accounting system, as well as several predictive safety algorithms used in assessing zircaloy cladding failure thresholds during reactor upset conditions.  Rick holds a Bachelor of Science Honours Applied Physics degree from the University of Waterloo.  He is a graduate of the University of Ottawa Nuclear Engineering program and he holds a Master’s degree in mathematical modeling and numerical analysis from Oxford University in England.

Ari Levy, Advisor to the CEO, Commercialization

AriLevyAri Levy is a private investor in and senior advisor to management of a number of early stage resource, energy and disruptive technology companies, including Advisor to the CEO, Commercialization, of Thorium Power Canada Inc. Ari has extensive experience in the global investment field, including working as an Analyst, Co-Manager and Senior Portfolio Manager of a number of energy, resource and growth equity mutual funds at TD Asset Management, where he also led the Resource team. He is a graduate of McGill University’s Joint Law/MBA program, is a CFA charter holder, and a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV).