Thorium Power Canada owns the Intellectual Property and has the completed engineering to build and operate a scalable thorium nuclear reactor.

Thorium Power Canada, with its affiliate, DBI Chile, will build a 10 MW demonstration reactor in Chile to power a 2000 litre a day desalination plant. All land and regulatory approvals are currently in process.

Thorium Power Canada is now seeking investors to finance the demonstration thorium reactor.

DBI/TPC is an intellectual property and technology company that will earn revenue through the sale of technology licenses and the sale of nuclear fuel. DBI/TPC will license its reactor designs to operators. In addition to earning royalties from these licenses, the company will generate revenue through the sale of proprietary fuel built to DBI’s specifications for DBI designed Thorium nuclear breeding/breeder reactors.

The DBI/TPC nuclear fuel and nuclear reactor system will be used to generate steam in process plants. This steam will be used for the production of electricity and other basic commodities needed by mankind for the continuation of civilized society in the 21st century.

End uses for the DBI/TPC nuclear reactor system include:

  • Low Cost Electricity in Hydrogen Production Plants for Synthetic Fuel
  • Electricity Generation Plants with Low Cost Electricity for power grids worldwide
  • Low Cost Electricity in Desalination Plants for Fresh Water
  • Future production of Fertilizer
  • Future production of Medical Isotopes

Our target customers/licensees include the world’s 3800 utilities, 6800 auto producers (industrial concerns with their own power plants) and 3600 private/independent power producers/mining operators.

As noted by S&P, the world energy market is estimated at $6 trillion by 2030.  DBI/TPC looks to capture 1% of that market by 2030.

Institutional Investors interested in hearing more about the Thorium Power Canada opportunity can contact us by phone or through our email form.

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