The DBI Thorium Reactor

The DBI Thorium Breeding/Breeder Reactor represents an evolutionary advance in nuclear reactor design. Under development for four decades, the reactor consists of a small number of robust, mechanically-elegant and low pressure core systems. This elegance reduces overall manufacturing, installation, operations and maintenance costs while simultaneously enhancing operational safety.

One of the many ways in which DBI technology differs is that DBI Thorium Reactors are designed to breed the artificial uranium-233 from thorium, burn most of that fuel as soon as it is bred, and store the minor amount of unburned fuel—all in situ. Taking advantage of the benefits of thorium, a DBI Thorium Reactor can produce electricity for a cost of only $0.04-$0.07 per kilowatt-hour while its breed-and-burn fuel cycle could over time reduce long-term radiotoxic waste more than 90% without the need for fuel reprocessing (due to more efficient fuel utilization, the elimination of packaging waste, and significant reduction of long-lived radioactive isotopes).

Additionally, no waste would be produced for 30-60 years, until plant decommissioning, wherein waste will remain in the reactor encapsulated in glass. No external storage (like Yucca Mountain) will be necessary.

Compared to other reactors, each DBI reactor is small and modular, offering both a shorter installation time as well as a more rapid commencement of revenue-generating operations. As a result, DBI reactors require only a fraction of the capital carrying costs of traditional nuclear reactors (tens of millions of dollars for a DBI design versus billions of dollars for current Gigawatt size facilities). The DBI reactor generates electricity at lower cost compared to traditional reactors and therefore increases customer profit margins. Additionally, because of its small size and modular design, the DBI reactor is well suited for both small and large applications, enabling the reactor to service a broad and diverse customer base.

Another major benefit of the DBI reactor is that it utilizes thorium rather than uranium as a primary fuel. The thorium fuel cycle offers numerous benefits including strong proliferation resistance, vastly reduced waste radiotoxicity, a cleaner and more cost effective fuel production methodology as well as a diverse and abundant supply base. In addition, because the DBI reactor is a breeding/breeder reactor, upon decommissioning, the newly bred and other “unspent” useful fuel elements can be transferred with no processing into a second generation DBI reactor core for additional power generation, providing up to 100% reduced cost for the initial fuel load in a subsequent DBI reactor.

The DBI Thorium Reactor is a one-of-a-kind technology whose modular design can achieve any output desired at significantly reduced capital and carrying costs.

The DBI reactor offers a clean, green, safe and economical nuclear solution to the energy crisis and global climate change. For more details about the reactor, please browse through the DBI website.

The Demonstration Reactor

DBI has plans to finance and build a demonstration reactor that will provide empirical data to substantiate its thorium nuclear reactor design results as calculated by nuclear transport codes controlled and licensed to DBI physicists through the United States Department of Energy (DOE) (such as MONTEBURNS, ORIGEN2.2, and MCNP5 licensed to DBI from Oak Ridge National Laboratories).

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