DBI reactors offer a clean, green, safe and cost effective nuclear solution to the energy crisis and global climate change.

Since the late 1960’s, Hector A. D’Auvergne, DBI’s founder, has been conducting research on the use of the element thorium as a primary nuclear fuel that has the potential to reduce and ultimately eliminate the need for uranium as a nuclear fuel. Learn more about DBI on their website, http://www.dauvergne.com/about/corporate-vision.

Status of DBI & Thorium Power Canada

Business Status

The purchase of the entire assets of the original DBI (et al.), by Thorium Power Canada, Inc., includes the formation of DBI Ceramics, a U.S. corporation with the purpose and intent of producing components to further support the construction of DBI reactors.  Said construction of DBI reactors shall occur under an export license secured by DBI Ceramics.  DBI Ceramics can export some components to whomever holds a license to build a DBI reactor outside of Canada.  Said right to build and operate a DBI reactor is granted by license through Thorium Power Canada, Inc.

Technical Status

In order to support TPC’s funding efforts, DBI Operating Co. is preparing the basis for the production of status reports in the following areas:

  • Control System
  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • Fuel System
  • Civil Engineering
  • Seismic Engineering
  • Off-Gases Control System •    Ceramic Sections
  • A.S.M.E. Heat Exchangers
  • A.S.M.E. Valve System
  • Turbopumps System
  • Intellectual Property Update